Husqvarna Z254 ZTR Mower Review

Husqvarna has been manufacturing mowers since 1918-19. Because of their great experience and good quality Husqvarna make a good space in most of zero turn lawn mowers.

Husqvarna Z254 ZTR mower consists of endurance V-Twin engine of Briggs and Stratton. This mower has removable foot plate for easy access the top side of deck for cleaning after mowing. This mower consists of hydrostatic transmission which is easy to operate. This machine will work on gasoline.

Deck of this mower is stamped means more durable. It consists of electric clutch. This mower has smart switch ignition system, start with a electric switch. Spring assisted, deck lift system is used in this mower for easy to use. This machine has anti scalp wheels that reduce scalping and also reduce lawn damage.

A switch is provided on control panel of this land mower to engage the cutting blade. This best residential lawn mower has unique air induction mowing technique, this system provide air flow for improved cutting action, within the deck. Levers are padded for providing more comfort.

This Z254 ZTR mower has approximate dimensions of 72.8 inches length, 49.5 inches width and 46 inches height. Estimated weight of this machine is 598 pounds. This machine provide 54 inches wide cutting. This mower consists of 3 blades. Steel frame of deck of this ZTR mower is of 13 gauges. Cutting height is adjustable in this mower; this can be adjusted between 1.5 inch and 4 inches, by 6 intervals.

One more advantage of this best zero town mower, consists of 15 inches sliding seat. The average cutting capacity of this best zero turn mower for the money, is 2.8 acres per hour means gives full return of your investment by effective working. Fuel tank of this machine has 3.5 gallon fuel capacity. This mower has maximum forward speed of 6.5 miles per hour and maximum reverse speed of 3.5 miles per hour.

According to numbers of zero turn mower reviews, Z254 ZTR mower is a best ZTR mower. This lawn mower got 5 stars out of 5 stars from customer reviews on Amazon.

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