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What Is A Zero Turn Radius (ZTR) Riding Lawn Mower?

A standard lawn mower is a machine consists of one or more revolving blades that cuts grass surface of the lawn to an even height. The cutting height for grass may be fixed or adjustable. A standard lawn mower which has turning radius being zero inches are called zero turn mowers. In short name these are known as ZTR (Zero Turn Radius) mowers.

This type of lawn mower can turn within their own track. Generally zero turn mowers have hydraulically controlled two drive wheels to spin. Most of zero turn mowers consist of 4 wheels, two large and two small in size. Some of these come with a fifth wheel; this wheel is centrally mounted behind the driver. These mowers are drive through livers instead of a steering. These are best for commercial operations. These are safer, more comfortable, and more effective than other type of mower.

Types Of Zero Turn Riding Mowers

There are basically two types of ZTR Lawn Mowers on the market.

Front Mount Mower: This type has drive wheels, out in front of the body of the mower. This type of mower provides better trimming ability around shrubs, tree rings and utility boxes.

Mid Mount Mower: In this type caster wheels and drive wheels fits on the mower deck. These types of mowers are less flexible while trimming.

How To Drive A ZTR Lawn Mower

These mowers often come without steering wheel. New user/buyer often confused that how they will drive this without a steering wheel. This is so simple; these drive through levers which control motors that are connected with arch wheel of mower. If you want to move forward than press both levers in forward direction or if you want to go reverse than pull back both the levers together to your side. If you want to go left side than push right lever in forward direction or if you want to go right side than simply push the left lever forward. For stopping bring both the levers in neutral position.

zero turn ztr ride on lawn mowers

Buying Guide For Zero Turn Mowers

Zero turn mowers are a big but better investment. So when deciding to purchase one, it's best to be careful and consider all options available. It's always a good idea to consider the various specifications and features before buying a new lawn mower, especially when it's a zero turn mover. Some important details to consider are the following:

  • Deck Size: To check deck size or cut off area size of a mower is a very important parameter. The bigger the deck size means it will provide a bigger cut area. A bigger deck size ultimately results in less time required to mow your lawn, and increase in your efficiency and productivity. So while buying a mower, it's a good idea to never forgets to check deck size. Normally this is between 48-72 inches for most zero turn lawn mowers.
  • Deck Construction: It is very important to check that deck is how constructed? It is welded or stamped? Most of commercial mowers components are welded while decks which makes of lighter components are stamped. Stamped decks are more durable. It should be also checked that steel used in this is of high quality and thick.
  • Blade Tip Speed: Blade tip speed is also a considerable point. Most of people think that if blade tip speed is high, productivity will also be high. This is true but as the speed of blade tip increases, safety decreases. So it should have average speed.
  • Engine:It is necessary to check type of engine of the machine. Zero turn lawn mower mostly consists of a one cylinder engine. One cylinder engine is more powerful in working and smooth in running.
  • Fuel Type: Today’s zero turn mowers are available in various fuel choices like gasoline, propane, diesel etc. Before purchasing we should careful about that, which type of fuel you preferred, wrong fuel type purchase can create botheration for user.
  • Serviceability: Serviceability system checking is must. Before buying a zero turn mower, we should check how easy to do service of that machine. Some machines require more time while service, some require very less time.
  • Attachments: The main and important part while purchasing a zero turn mower is that to check attachments comes with machine or can be attached with this. Please check bagging system to collect grass clippings is with this or not and is it have appropriate size?
  • Price Range: To check price range is an important parameter while purchasing any new product. The price of zero turn lawn mower should not be higher or cheaper. Mostly good quality zero turn lawn mowers come in price range between $2500 and $6000.

Essentials Of ZTR Riding Lawn Mowers

Before buying a best lawn mower we have to consider various points as like above we have discussed. But some important features which are must to check while buying a best residential zero turn mower, are following

  • Durable: Because zero turn lawn mower is a big machinery product so it should be more durable. We should check steel frame quality, gauge of steel, structure of mower etc.
  • Adjustable Cutting Height: Some of zero turn lawn mowers come with fixed cutting height of grass but some provides options. Adjustable cutting height is better than fixed height. We can cut according to our desired size.
  • Sound: The all over sound or noise of the machine should be lower. Some zero turn lawn mowers create very loud noises while cutting, this irritates user.
  • Wider Tire: You should try to buy a mower with wider tires. Wider tires are much easier on grass as compare to slim tires. Generally four ply rated tires are recommended for zero turn lawn mowers.
  • Comfort: Zero turn lawn mower should be comfortable for user. Seat should be comfortable otherwise back problems can cause. Seat of mower should have a back support.
  • User Friendly: Because zero turn lawn mower is a big machine so some times, some models are very typical to use. But it should be user friendly. All controls should be easily accessible. With typical controls user can be confused.
zero turn riding lawn mowers

Best Zero Turn Mower Reviews

In market various ZTR mowers with different brands, types, sizes, features etc. are available. It is so much confusing to choose best rated mower among them. After considering all parameters, comparing features of various ZTR mowers and after reading several zero turn mower reviews we found some top best models of ZTR mowers, these are followings


Everyone can mow their lawn fast and effectively with the help of zero turn mowers. Buying a zero turn mower is a very tough task, because this is a big machine, consists of a number of parts and a number of features. It is too hard to consider all parameters, after reviewing all parameters we select important parameters among them. Though by this it become easy for a new buyer to consider only few parameters.

In zero turn mower reviews, we tried our best to help you in finding best ZTR mower. We provide you some top best ZTR mowers with all important specifications. You can select best one from these. This review will definitely help you to buy the best zero turn mower on the market to meet your mowing needs.

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